Monday, March 24, 2008

Chronicle for Higher Education 3/24/08

there might be some repetitions

go on autopilots, all ye who wish to learn,

Chronicle for Higher Education

go to career

place your emails and field or fields separately and answer the other questions like to receive daily or weekly( suggestion: choose daily) use the custom search agent to do so then send it off;

you should receive your own every day or every week whichever you prefer

for what i get, just follow up on the

after 25, I start a new blogspot

the next is #14 etc.

reason: i applied to some of the jobs and cannot be burdened by too much freebles like this because i was not earning any referral fee and to be honest, you can do it on your own and also you can spare me the problems associated with "waste of time and effort"

if you want humanities or psychology or theology or bioethics, place the appropriate field

good luck!!!

get on your own two feet and grow up

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